OUR STORY: Teaching The Latest Tech.


According to the highly esteemed board of directors and mentors, we have come to identify that equipping students with technical education at university level is too late. It is extremely important for our students to get into the field as early as school level.

“ So much technology, so little talent” - Verner Vinge

OUR VISION: What We Think

Countries prosper when they understand the latest technologies. The countries who have understood this truth hold the rope to the path of prosperity and success. Pakistan is still lagging behind in this race. To achieve something innovative we will have to learn the new technologies.


We at procode aim to teach the latest technological skills to our students. We have built our course curriculum with the collaborative efforts of some well-known industry experts. We assure you of project based learning that will engage you in applying the facts to the real world scenarios. You will be able to be better leaders in the tech world. In this way, we are opening doors to an outstanding future.



Dr. Najam Akbar

Marketing Consultant ProCode
Asst. Prof. IBA

E4E — Entrepreneurship for Engineers Program is an initiative of Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Karachi. Procode is affiliated with E4E program and has the direct support of the professional board of mentors who closely look after setting the direction and growth of the business with respect to the commercial and market needs of the society.



Dr. M. Khurram

Assoc. Prof. CIS dept NEDUET

Research Center For Artificial Intelligence (RCAI), is an initiative towards, creating research based environment and ways to step in the field of innovative and cost effective product design. ProCode started off as a Research project of RCAI and has now developed into a fulfledged company. The Robotic and IOT kits of Procode have been designed and manufactured by the Research Assistants and professional engineers of RCAI.